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11 December 2014

Christmas infogreetings

Where I give a glimpse of the infographic-y Christmas cards I've designed up for friends and family this year.

28 September 2014

Build your own website dashboard (for free)

I explain why you should do this and give a step by step guide, using the free tools of Google Analytics, Google Docs Spreadsheet and the add-on Supermetrics.

General Assembly talk

Intro to wireframing

This workshop โ€“ ideal for web designers and product managers starting out with wireframing โ€“ covers the basics of how to use Omnigraffle and the benefits of wireframing and how you can use it to get quick, actionable results.

Next on 22 January 2015 โ€“ book a ticket
23 May 2014

Photo every day lessons

My thoughts and the lessons I've learned in aiming to take a photo everyday on Instagram for a year.

5 May 2014

Relaunching Fanroom

Where I address the product changes to a web service I've been involved with and a few key reasons why we decided to pivot.

27 April 2014

Be more foxy

Why I think that good product managers understand uncertainty and complexity and are generally more fox than hedgehog.

15 April 2014

Curating your reading

Where I explain my love of long-form articles and how I've come to curate a weekly email full of great product management content.

7 April 2014

Why I don’t get smart watches

Where I outline why this exciting new development in the world of wearables leaves me not understanding the fuss.

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